Health & Sanitation

getting an eye examineThe Peoples Trust provides a number of dispensary services for the community. Here is a comprehensive list:

  • Referral services for higher medical treatment.
  • Regular special camps for Dental, Eye screening and operation for implantation of IOL (Intra Ocular Lens), Family planning, cancer detection, ENT etc.,
  • Health and Hygiene education for the Community.
  • Reproductive Child Health care services (antenatal care, intra-natal care, postnatal care, adolescent problems, guardian issues, child health, family welfare, reproductive tract infection).
  • School Health education and Health check-up for children.
  • Immunisation, ANC check up, TT for pregnant mothers.
  • Awareness about AIDS, Adolescent problem, Breast feeding, First Aid, ORT, ARI, Ill effect of using Tobacco, Alcohol etc.,
  • Training for Local Dais (mid-wives) for conducting safe home deliveries.
  • De-worming, Vitamin A, Pulse-polio for children.
  • Child Guidance Centre for child behavioral problems (Bio-psycho social scholastic intervention).
  • T.B. treatment
  • Rational Drug Therapy (dispensing of generic drugs).
  • Blood donation camps by community youth.
  • Providing safe sanitary disposal facilities.
  • Co-ordination with Govt. Agencies for providing potable drinking water for the community.

Early Child Care & Youth Development

getting an eye examineThe Peoples Trust believes understanding the stages of child development is important. These includes Pre-natal development (conception to birth), Neonatal (Birth to 2 week) - Biological to trio-psychological, Infancy (2 weeks to 2 years) – transition from relative function to psychosocial control and Early childhood (2 to 6 years) – Pre-school period, Gains control over environment, Social Adjustment, learns to talk, learns words, eats solid food, develops conscience.

  • Established 23 Pre-school Centers for promoting formal Pre-school Education for 2 to 6 years children.
  • Provided indoors and out door play equipments to enable and facilitate child to improve child’s physical and mental development.
  • Adopting comprehensive thematic approach to teach children for language learning, physical, mental, social and psychological development.
  • Periodic evaluation of child growth through evaluation method.
  • Expose children for Social/cultural gathering and environmental awareness.
  • Providing nutrition food and monitoring of nutritional status regularly and providing special supplementary nutrition food for II and III degree malnourished children.
  • Protect children from 6 killers’ diseases through immunization.
  • Support slow learners through child guidance program in order to improve their learning skills.
  • Create awareness to mothers about various aspects of ECCD through Mother’s Club.

Women Development

womens developmentThere are a number of programs provided by The Peoples Trust to aid in the development of women:

  • Promotion of Women’s Associations / Mahila Mandals.
  • Organising various competitions for the women.
  • Celebration of International Women’s Day.
  • Assistance to Socially disabled ladies.
  • Animal Husbandry training for women (Dairy, Poultry).
  • Skill promotion training in Tailoring, Knitting Embroidery, Agarbathi making, Candle making etc.,
  • Family health care education (Health, Nutrition services etc.,).
  • Promotion of SHGs and Federation for improving Women’s Socio Economic status.
  • Promotion of Literacy among women.


Micro Enterprise Development

peoples trust storeThe Peoples Trust provides a number of programs to aid in the development of micro enterprise for villagers:

  • Assistance to small and marginal farmers in the form of High Yield seeds and fertilizers.
  • Assistance to farmers with Horticulture inputs like vegetable seeds, fertilizers and pesticides etc.,
  • Promotion of water shed program, Soaking Pits and bunds, for percolation to improve underground water table and rainwater harvesting.
  • Soil testing of farmers land and bring awareness to improve soil fertility.
  • Distribution of Fruit and other commercial plants to the beneficiaries to improve their economic conditions.
  • Training the farmers on compost manure and promotion and use of earthworm – Vericompost - for preparation of natural manure.
  • Training the farmers in various Scientific methods of Agriculture practices.
  • Promotion of kitchen gardening.
  • Training the farmers in Rabbit rearing, Piggery, etc.,
  • Promotion of crop Insurance for farmers.
  • Sericulture training for the farmers.
  • Awareness among students on Agriculture and horticulture through demonstration crops.